Saturday, June 20, 2009


I know, what's new? You want stories and pictures. Ok, so really only my parents and sister care that I haven't updated lately. I don't have a clue where this week went. I never seem to have enough time in a day! I assure you that I have lots of posts to come. I promise to spend time on those this week. Really. Here's my blog plan: Beth's fabulous room with the fabulous canvas painting I won, 2 zoo trips, more time back "home" with family, Father's Day.....
So, until then, I have chores to do :)


J.J. said...

Hey...I stalk you too :)

Sounds like a good busy :)

Can't wait to see your awesome pics!

Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

Look- me, mom, dad, AND Jeri care. :)

Fred said...

Not sure yet about the Casey post. I'm ready to see more!
Hope Kevin had a great Father's day.