Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oh the things you can see

While "vacationing" at my parents, I've seen some interesting things, so I thought I'd make it my randomness this week.

1. How can people get into an accident on the freeway? I mean, isn't everyone going the same direction, at about the same speed? So, then, why did I see two cars that managed to be turned sideways, t-boned by yet another car? Yup, still haven't figured that out.
2. How can someone surf while smoking? Yup, saw that at the beach today. The guy also had a mullet hair-do, so it's not like he was making great choices :)
3. Why are there still blue Fema tarps on roofs, 10 months after hurricane Ike? Why hasn't Ike devestation and recovery gotten the media coverage it deserves? It just really saddens me that people still haven't gotten contractors to get roofs and homes repaired. Things have changed on the coast. Major landmarks have been forever altered- the 61st street McD was buldozed, among other places. SOOO many trees and plants never blosomed/bloomed. Usually, driving into Glaveston, there are beautiful oleander bushes, but not this time. I didn't drive around anymore.
4. Did you know that when a little boy eats a rock, he walks funny until he gets rid of it? Trust me on this one. Poor guy. I'd like to think he won't eat another rock, but I'm not counting on it.
5. Why is it okay to advertise, with large pictures, in store windows where people of all ages and both genders pass, gorgeous models in skimpy bras and panties? Isn't this essentially porn in any other media outlet? And yet, people turn the other cheek in the name of "advertising. What a shame!


Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

In Germany the pictures in the window are naked. Even on billboards and vans- naked. Be glad you get bras and underwear!

Living the LaBlue Life said...

Poor Jacob!!!!

Angie said...

Too sad about Galveston. I didn't realize there were still lots of people displaced. Ugh. And love the surfer/smoker comment about making bad choices anyway. You make me giggle.

jamielblev said...

My neighborhood still has a sea of blue tarps on it and downed fences. Drives me insane!!! Hello!! If you are going to have a fence down the very least you could do is mow your friggin backyard!!!!!! Anyway, from what I've gathered from neighbors is that insurance isn't covering the cost of a new roof in their cases. And then I personally know some people who lost their jobs after Ike and are living on their insurance money instead of fixing what the insurance money was for. It's really sad. And here it is hurricane season again already!

J.J. said...

Don't you love being random like this? I am sooo laughing at the dude smoking while surfing!!!!! Man...that is funny!

Glad you are enjoying your trip!