Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Zoo trip, part 1

Kevin had some time off, and we decided to take a family trip to the zoo. We tried to get there in time to see the hippo feeding at 10am, but we literally just missed it. Boy, they eat fast! We still had lots of fun seeing animals. Jacob is finally at an age that he knows what he's seeing. He was so quiet and mesmorized by the animals. Have I mentioned that I love my zoom lens?

We did make the penguin feeding. It was stinky! Jacob has the cutest waddle like a penguin as he showed us the sign for penguin. We've been practicing the sign language and sounds for lots of animals. It was neat to see/hear him actually use them at the zoo. The cow was one of Jacob's favorites, but it never moved. Oh well. Then, a patient (hmph!) wait in line for the carousel. Beth loved it, Jacob tolerated it for about half the ride.

It was hot, but we still had lots of fun. Beth was fascinated by the reptile house, especially seeing which animals were poisonous. There's a REALLY big snake in the front of the reptile house that reminds me of Cuddles, the big snake my aunt and uncle had when I was younger. Jacob liked looking for turtles and "doc-dulls" (crocodiles) in the reptile house- yes, there was glass there.

It was a good trip. Before we left, Kevin let the kids each get a treat in the gift shop. Beth picked a stuffed gorilla- "Gigi". Jacob got a set of animals. He loves them! I love time together, making great memories and forgetting about chores for a while.


Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

Poor kids, never even seen a camel.

Jamie said...

so fun! i can't wait to take Josiah to the zoo...waiting until it cools off some. it is was 101 degrees here all day yesterday...even @ 8pm! too are tougher than i!

J.J. said...

My kiddos love the carousel at the zoo at home too. Makes Mommy turn green though. Roller coasters...great...spinny stuff...not so much.

Nice shots of the animals!

Fred said...

The carousel at the Houston Zoo had a camel. That was the only one we could find. Looks like you had fun.

jamielblev said...

You couldn't pay me to take the kids to the zoo right now in this crazy 105 heat!!!!