Monday, August 17, 2009

Beth's first day

Boohoohoo! Here it is, the first day of kindergarten. We all did very well, if I do say so myself.

Last night, I got Beth's lunch order, packed what I could. We picked out her clothes, down to the shoes and bow. After all the outfits she'd considered over the last couple weeks, she ended up at the original skirt and polo shirt (with new Keds and her new bow). I took her beginning of the year stats- 44.4 pounds, 45 inches tall. We set her alarm for 6:45am and then read a new book- Twas the Night Before Kindergarten. Beth said she was too excited to sleep but did manage to crash not long after.
Kevin and I got up around 6:30 to start getting things moving for the morning. At 6:45, when Beth's alarm went off, we heard a loud "Woohoo, today is school!". She came down for breakfast, then back up to brush her teeth and get dressed. She was so excited! I finished packing her lunch. She picked out her lunchbox, monogramming and colors too. She's so proud of it! After her hair was fixed, we took pictures, and she even had time to watch some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse before it was time to go.

Finally, time to take her to school! It was fun for all of us to take her in. She already loves her teacher and has been making artwork for her.

She hung her backpack on her hook, put her lunch bag on the shelf, turned in a paper to her teacher and then got to play blocks at her desk while they waited for the other kids to arrive. Of course Jacob had to sit with Beth for a minute. He talked about those blocks all day.
There are 13 kids in her class, and that's a lot for that tiny room.
We left her in good hands, but I still had a few tears. After all, it's a big moment. My baby girl is big now, officially. When we got home, it really hit me that it was just Jacob. A few more tears. Then, I got busy playing with Jacob (who really enjoyed the undivided attention) and doing chores. Jacob and I ran a few errands- it was nice to only have him. When we got home, he looked around and asked for Beth. Poor guy missed his sister. I was getting antsy to pick her up too.
When I picked her up at 12:30 (she's only doing 1/2 day), she was enjoying recess time. On the way home, she told me about lunch time and snack time. As soon as we got home, Jacob ran to her and hugged her. Kevin and I tried to talk to Beth about her day, but Jacob kept pulling her to the living room to play with him. So precious! Then, it was rest time. As we read her story (the same one as last night), she told me she couldn't wait for another day of kindergarten. I guess all the excitement was just too much because she didn't take a nap. Later, while she was playing with Jacob, she'd tell me a bit more about what they learned. I love the excitement she has for learning! Then, she told me she was so glad to be at that school and that she loves her teacher. That makes me feel so good!
For dinner, we went to celebrate, Beth's choice of restaurant. She chose Logan's Roadhouse, for their rolls and butter. Thata girl! Home for bath, then she requested to go to bed- it was only 7. Finally, all the excitement of the day caught up with her. We got her clothes out for tomorrow, and she's excited about what she'll learn tomorrow. Oh shucks, I've got tears again.


Brooke said...

Congrats big girl Beth!! I have 1 more year with Zachary before he goes to kindergarten and I don't think I'll do very well. It's so ironic, isn't it? We want them to be independent but we so miss when they were little. I hope she enjoys every day as much as her first day.

J.J. said...

Congratulations to Beth... Mommy and Daddy too! That is so sweet that J missed her. I also love it when the kids are so excited about learning and going to school. Congrats again...thanks for sharing the pics!

Fred said...

What an exiting day! Glad to here she loves her teacher and is ready for tomorrow!

yaya said...

What a good mommie are YOU. Pictures, journaling of Beth's night before the first day of school, her first day of school and first day after school. Thank you for sharing the event with us. It is almost like we were there. RECESS is the best. Then snack and lunch and learning. What an adventure she has before her..and wonderful parents to make it special.

AtwoodArena said...

I have thought about both of you all day! I am glad you both had a "easy" transition. I hope the rest of the week is as smooth. Tell her we said "hello" and are very happy for her!

Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

I'm so excited for her! I know she will love school for a long time!

Jamie said...

her excitement is too precious! this post made me smile...your kiddos are so cute. and logan's roadhouse rolls and butter...mmmm! =) yay for Beth!

Misti of Studio M Designs said...

So sweet Laura! I do remember all three of mine, the day they started kindergarten. Such a tear-jerker! Beth looks like she had a great day! Mine are now in 3rd, 5th, and 16th. They aren't as sweet and cuddly as they used to be, unless they are away from their brothers, so take advantage of her letting you take her picture in school. Mine won't even dream about it now, unless they are in a huge group of friends making horrible faces! LOL! Congrats to you on making it through her first day.

I apologize for not visiting more often. Your new blog design is awesome! I have missed so much during this study time. BLAH!

I'll be back soon!

Angie said...

I'm so glad she is totally happy about school. We have 20 days left, Ben made me count them out on the calendar tonight while he laid in bed. Wow. Things have changed in these short 5 years.