Saturday, August 1, 2009

An only child (for a week)

Beth went to visit Grandma and Grandpa for a whole week! It was good to have time to focus on Jacob. Even a trip to Target was fun since we just got to talk together. I've ignored most of my chores this week (gasp!) in favor of playing. He's missed Beth, but it's good to know that when she goes to school, he'll do just fine.

Riding his new stick horse. He jumps with it more than anything, but it's cute!
We played outside, giving the roly poly bugs some water. We bounced on the trampoline too.
Kevin has had some fun play time with Jacob too. They played "animal bowling"- they stand up all the animals then roll the Mickey ball (and it has to be that one only) to knock over all the animals, then "setemup" and do it again.
We watched ants marching across the back porch from a safe place inside. That is one big after-dinner belly, and he's quite proud of it!
We had a playdate with Jackson, who had a hard time understanding Beth wasn't there too.
We ate dinner on the patio, then Jacob played (and played and played) with a bucket of water. He sat in it, stood in it, splashed in it, tried to pour it out, tried to put more water in it. He had a blast!

We went to Ihop for breakfast, just the 3 of us. That's so weird to only have 1 kid to take care of at a restaurant, but it was fun too.

We had fun together, with just Jacob, but we sure were happy to see Beth again! He kept wanting to give her hugs. They ran around the living room, giggling away and played together very nicely.


Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

Awww. Siblings who like each other. That must be nice.

Fred said...

PETA just called about the animal bowling.....