Thursday, August 6, 2009


I have a cousin who lives at most an hour from here. Yet, I've only seen her once a year since we moved up here. This isn't some cousin I never liked, this is the cousin I invited on family trips so I'd have somebody my age to hang out with. It's a shame life gets so busy that neither of us has made the effort to get together. It took her brother, sister-in-law and their kids coming up for a visit and suggesting we all get together. I'm so glad we did! We met at a McD with an indoor playplace (the weather was very stormy that day) so the kids could play, and we adults could all visit. The kids did great together. Only once did Jacob get too high in the playland and have to be rescued by my cousin (since I'd worn a skirt). We promised to make more effort to get together more often.

Ayden (5), Jade (3), Devon (8), Beth (5) and Jacob (almost 2)

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yaya said...

It is so heart warming to see cousin's children enjoying one another. Life goes on. Family is so important. I hope that the little ones grow up to enjoy one another as you and Bryan and Tessa did. Aunt Audrey played a big part in gathering you kids together.