Sunday, August 23, 2009

Oh how he shines!

This photo was pre-haircut, but he saw my camera and said "cheese".
How could I not take his picture?

With Beth being at school in the mornings, Jacob has really enjoyed the attention all to himself. Let me tell you, he is really coming into his own! While his language has been improving by leaps and bounds in the last month, this last week has been a blast.

Song #1- "Yes,"

Song #2- "Twinkle,"

Song #3- "A, B, C, D, now I know my A, B, C, D, double-doo, X, Y, Z"

Song #4- "bull-ee,, 'lone...God, bull-lll-eee, BIBLE!!!!!"

I know, I really need to get this on video. I'll try this week.

He surprised the tar out of me when he counted to 10, without help. Quite enthusiastically, I might add.

He's recalling events- "Joe, silly hat. Joe, ka-boom, pthhht (the zoobert noise)" our friend Joe is quite a character and has made quite an impression on him. Or "Mallory's house, Mallory, cake, chin"- We went to Mallory's first birthday party.

He's telling stories- Kevin played "campout" with the kids and told them a story. Then Jacob took a turn "one time, little boy, little girl, Beth and Jacob".

He built a stack of lego duplo blocks, digging around for the square ones, and built it 22 blocks tall.

Turns out, he's quite bossy (not sure where that came from- hehehe). He'll tell me exactly where and how to play "Mommy, train tracks, 'mon, mountain, now"

I'm really enjoying seeing him come out of his shell even more. He is charming and funny and well-mannered and such a loving boy (when he slows down). Sure, he's still almost-2 and learning his way in the world, but it's such a blessing to enjoy this time with him.


Grandma Charlotte said...

He's such a precious little boy.

yaya said...

Thank you for sharing all the sweet, cute stories. How fun it must be for all of you.

fredmrtx said...

I got a taste of the enthusiastic 1-2-threeeeeeee! I love it. Can't wait to hear all the songs plus stories about school.

yaya said...

Well the pocket thing is nothing new. There was once a little girl who refused to wear a pair of pants, because she did not like them, UNTIL Nanny sewed a pocket on them and that made all the difference. I am sure Nanny will tell you that story.