Monday, November 23, 2009

Book It

Remeber the Book It program when you were in school? Oh, man, I do! For reading books (which I loved anyway), I earned free pizza at Pizza Hut. It was quite a treat! I wonder if I still have my pin with stars for the months I earned my pizza.... Kevin, however doesn't remember doing this in school. Look at this shirt I found- I think I need it!

Well, a note went home with Beth at the first of October that they were starting Book It. She needed to have 550 minutes of reading time a month to earn a free pizza. No problem! At least I thought. I timed the reading we did with her for naps and nighttime then any other we might read together. By the end of the month, we were cramming to get that 550 minutes done. Whew~ we made it! Beth earned her first pizza. In the next week, we'll actually go get that first earned pizza. I wonder if she'll get a pin or something like I did?
This month, we're well on our way to having the minutes done, without cramming. This time, I'm timing any reading she does on her own. So far, we're at 410 minutes, with 7 days to go. I love that she loves to read and be read to. Currently, she's soaking up the American Girl books. While the time concept isn't quite sticking, she's enjoying learning about other girls throughout history. So far, we've read some Felicity and lots of Molly.

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yaya said...

oh the world of books and pizza.
The t-shirt is great for you. You need it.