Monday, November 23, 2009

Perfect Playdate

We have some friends that we rarely get to see anymore. Then, we had an ah-ha moment. Both of our kindergarteners go half-day, so we could have a morning playdate with our little ones. Plenty of playtime then off to pick up big kids. PERFECT! Of course, Jacob had to wear his ball cap for the day and put it on "all by myself".
Jacob was so interested in all the different toys they had. He and Clara played with a jump-it toy for a while, and John Michael played alone. Then Clara wanted a story. JM listened until he realized Jacob was playing with a toy he wanted.
Clara was in her girl-world most of the time. The boys played nicely together for the most part. The car was the only thing that caused some jealousy.
They made us chocolate- calorie free! What sweet boys!
More than the kids playing together, I really enjoyed catching up with my friend. Our lives are so busy in opposite directions that we don't often get time together. I think we'll have to plan more morning playdates!


yaya said...

Look at my little Jacob and his bad self.

Katherine said...

We'll have to do another one soon - it was fun & good to catch up!