Friday, November 13, 2009

Grandparent weekend

Popi and Yaya came for a visit. I love when they come. The kids have so much fun playing. Kevin and I get to get away for a date night. It started off pretty chilly, but then the weather was great! We enjoyed some great outside time.
We found a praying mantis. When Popi showed Beth, she backed away as fast as she could. What a girl! Jacob was interested for a little while, but didn't want to hold it.

The advantages of living on the down-slope of the hill. FUN!

I thought I should get in on the fun too. Jacob didn't like it until I let him ride with me. No, I didn't make Kevin pull us back up the hill.

Beth was busy singing and balancing. We think we may start her in gymnastics in the spring. Oh, see that wave in the back of her hair, that's natural, and one of the few things she inherited from me. So, while the kids really resemble Kevin, I did get a few genetics in there!

Time to rest a bit
But not for long! Beth wanted to have some Popi snuggles.

Meanwhile, Jacob discovered Beth's nature treasure box and how to get it opened. He was quite pleased with himself. :)

Don't worry, there was plenty of relaxing time too.

Computer Time. Beth showed Yaya her favorite website- Oh, I have GOT to find that stuff for nail biting. WM doesn't carry it anymore, couldn't find it at Target. Any ideas?

Popi and Jacob had work to do too.

Sunday morning comics.

I sure treasure these moments of watching my kids enjoy my parents and my parents enjoy my kids. It reminds me to slow down and play more, despite the chores that need doing.


Anonymous said...

I love grandparent visits! It is wonderful to watch the joy from both the grandparents and the kids.

Try Walgreens or CVS for the nail biting stuff.

Fred said...

I like the visits, too!

yaya said...

That is what grandparents are for. We do the playing, you do the chores. I know what you mean though about watching the kids play and making a conscience effort to play more and put chores aside. You are a wonderful mom. You do amazing things with the kids.

Angie said...

You are an awesome mom to ride in the wagon!