Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Making a fruit loop necklace, though most of the loops were eaten

Since Beth is at school, I now have a chance to give Jacob some one-on-one time like his sister had. Now, I know I won't come close, but I try. We try to do a "lesson" every day. He knows his colors pretty well, can say his alphabet and count to about 12. Now, we're working more on shapes and letter recognition and sounds. Lots of fun!
We started with A.
"A says aaaaaaaaaa" (cuz, when you're a silly boy, you have to scream it)

He colors the capital and lowercase letter. I cut it out and pictures that start with the short a sound. Then, we glue them on paper and insert into a placemat cover. This way, we can learn new words and practice our letter sound every time we're at the table. He was so proud of his project!
More A fun: Ten Apples Up On Top file game (thanks for the idea Brittney)

We've since worked on the letter I and currently working on O. We try to have a snack that has the letter sound. I try to find a book or two that has the letter sound. And, if possible, a Bible lesson with that sound. His attention span is quick, so we make the best of it. He seems to enjoy it and really loves telling Beth about his new letter when she gets home.


Grandma Charlotte said...

Love the pic with his hand on his face and his mouth wide open. Looks like he's had all of the "A" he can stand! Too cute!!!

Fred said...

Yaya and I were discussing when he sings B-I-B-L-E. Silly boys.

Fred said...
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