Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thankful Turkey

Looking at all the Thanksgiving crafts ideas, I liked the Thankful Turkey best. It was something we could all participate in. I wrapped a styrofoam ball in brown yarn, made a ball of light brown yarn, cut out feathers from construction paper and attached them to toothpicks, cut out a beak and that red thing from construction paper, glue face to the head, attached head with toothpick to body. Then, we were ready for making our thankful feathers.

What we're thankful for:
Jacob- green, my turkey, eggs, my family
Beth- my family, God, outdoors, my church, food, me, my home
Laura- my salvation, my church, my family, my home, our health, friends, laughter
Kevin- blessings, church, God, job, my family, my wife, Beth and Jacob