Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Traditions

Making cookies for Santa
This year, we went for good ol', from scratch, chocolate chip cookies (with some M&Ms thrown in). We were all decked out, ready to do some baking. Everyone helped add and mix ingredients. Then there was "patient" waiting for them to be cooked. The last batch finished just in time as Popi and Yaya arrived into town!

Santa brings Christmas jommies
Every year, since Beth joined our family, Santa has delivered new jommies Christmas Eve, before bath time. The first year, it was just Beth, then he brought jommies for our family. Last year, Santa started bringing jommies for us AND Popi and Yaya (since they've been at our house every Christmas for the last 3 years). Normally, Santa rings the doorbell and has left a package on our porch. This year, I guess we were having so much fun that we didn't hear the doorbell. We found the package as we were heading outside to leave the reindeer some food. Back inside, the only picture I managed was Beth jumping for joy at her long, pink nightgown. But Christmas morning, we were all decked out in our new, color coordinate jommies.

Reading What God Wants for Christmas
Sometime when Beth was little, I got this interactive story on clearance the day after Christmas. It has proven to be one of the best traditions for our family. The book tells the story of Jesus' birth, in a fun poem, with boxes to open revealing each character of the story. The final box is a mirror- because what God wants for Christmas is YOU!

We have some other traditions, too. I get at least one new piece for my Christmas village every year. This year, I got the clock shop. I get at least one new Christmas every year. I usually choose based on gorgeous artowork or a tender story. I got a few books for the kids, but our special book this year was our Elf on the Shelf. We watch lots of Christmas movies- the Santa Clause series, Polar Express, the old Miracle on 34th, White Christmas. And listen to lots of Christmas music. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!


Fred said...

Great stuff. I love the shot of Jacob watching the cookies bake. I ate my share of those special cookies.

yaya said...

The kids will remember these traditions for a long time to come. I so grateful that we can be a part of your family traditions.
I ate MORE than my share of the cookies that Jacob was so patiently watching bake.

Life with the LaBlue's said...

Fun times!!! And, Jacob's hat is AWESOME! :-)