Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Party like it's 6 o'clock

We went, as a whole family, to the Moms Club Christmas party last night.

Our first party of the holiday season, and, honestly, probably the only one. It was a fun night, really. Dinner was a little late, kiddos were starting to melt down, but it was fun.

I enjoyed seeing the other families, since we usually just see moms and kids. We got a full meal for less than half of what it costs us to eat out, plus plenty of desserts to choose from.

Bonus, we won a door prize- $10 at Applebees! Then, we won a silent auction- 4 tickets for the movies. Now, we just need a babysitter.

The kiddos had a book exchange. Jacob was oblivious- he wanted to walk around more than pick a present. Beth couldn't hardly stand it until it was her turn. They both got Christmas books, and Beth got fabulous glittery, fuzzy ribbon for crafts.


Grandma Charlotte said...

I love the family picture!!! All of you look so festive. There is so much fun to be had this time of year. Our community Christmas Parade is tomorrow night and we're really looking forward to that. So glad you a great "family" get-together.

J.E.M. said...

Your picture turned out SO cute! We had a good time...we should do that stuff more often! (Scrapbooking soon???)

yaya said...

i will be your baby sitter for the movies...
what family fun. thanks for sharing.

Fred said...

I want a copy of the family shot. I really like that one. Looks like y'all had fun.