Friday, January 2, 2009

Enjoying the loot!

My children (and us) have been so blessed! The kiddos have had so much fun playing with all the toys from grandparents, aunt/unlces/cousins, Mom and Dad, and Santa.

Building a bird house from Popi and Yaya. We'll paint it eventually.

The Fur-Real kitty from Santa, named Ella-la, decked in jewelry

Jacob's Cars tent from Santa, furnished with Beth's Dora couch :)
Jacob's fire engine car from Santa, his preferred seat to watch Elmo

Beth had a blast with her new Easy Bake oven. I however did not enjoy the taste. Bleck!


Casey said...

What cute kiddos! They makes Christmas so fun! Any trampoline pics?

yaya said...

What an all around girl Beth is! Animail lover - Ella-la, trampoline-ist a "gourmet" chef and craftsperson, (enjoys using a screwdriver) impressive is that?
And Jacob....what a guy, watching TV from his fire engine...