Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A rare day

Since we had an amazing January Saturday of temps in the 80s, we took advantage and went to the zoo. Beth and I used our zoo passes from Popi and Yaya (thank you!). Apparently, everyone else in Fort Worth also took advantage of the nice weather. It was packed! Still, we had a great time as a family- kids in decent moods, no worries about school for Kevin, me enjoying my fabulous new camera. and zoom lens.

Monkeys, um, I mean we were looking at the monkeys :)

Snack time

Can you guess who took this picture?

Fun with my zoom lens- the elephant was having fun playing in the water

Waiting for the zoo train

Worn out and ready to go home

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yaya said...

what fun family adventures. thanks for sharing your joyous fun. i love all the great pictures. keep up the beautiful pictures of your beautiful family.