Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We love wii!

Now that Kevin is finished with school, he wanted a Wii and Guitar Hero for Christmas.

Kevin says this pic is "the birth of guitar hero"
Setting up the band on GH
Family GH time. Beth pushes the green while Kevin or I push the rest and strum. She does pretty good, if she doesn't start signing and dancing along. Her favorite song is "Hit me with your best shot". Kevin's favorites are "Talk Dirty to me" and "Welcome to the Jungle". I like anything that sounds fun.
Trying some Mario Kart. Beth loves this game. She can choose her driver and car and is getting better at driving the wheel instead of her body. Kevin and I manage to do ok too.

We have been having such a blast with it! Family time has become playing Wii together, laughing at ourselves and each other, encouraging and helping each other and most of all spending time together. What fun! Kevin and I have had a few LATE nights playing. We keep playing "just one more time".
Do you have a Wii? What's your favorite game?


J.E.M. said...

I KNEW I shouldn't have taken the Wii back. Hmmmm....
Glad you guys are having so much fun with it!

Laura said...

You can come over to play :)

Casey said...

Does that hat cover up a secret bald spot?

Fred said...

I did notice that it's always Kevin playing and not Beth. Tell him to be nice and take turns.