Thursday, January 1, 2009

Gettin' ready for Santa

The excitement that Santa was coming was too much to bear. We had so much to do to get ready, so that was helpful. After naps on Christmas Eve day, Yaya and I took the kids to run errands- partly because we needed to, partly to keep Beth from seeing the trampoline. Home, dinner cooked and eaten, cookies for Santa finished, Beth got a bath. Then, the doorbell rang! Beth immediately knew it was jommies, just like Santa brings every year on Christmas Eve. This year, the box included jommies for Popi and Yaya too!

Just in time, let me tell you, because a little boy needed to get to bed!

With Jacob settled in bed, we could sit down to read our traditional Christmas story- What God Wants for Christmas. As I read the story, Beth would open a box to reveal a person in the nativity.

What God wants for Christmas? It's--to you--a surprise. In box number seven it is disguised. But - no peeking! Be patient! For this you must wait. It's what you offer Him, and it's really great.

The last box being a mirror, showing that God wants YOU and your heart for Christmas.

Time to set out cookies and get to bed, since Santa only comes when kids are asleep. Beth decided the reindeer needed carrots- 8 plus Rudolph. And, with his cookies and milk, Santa might like some piggies in a blanket. At some point between jommies and this, she'd managed to write Santa a precious note. Yes, I saved it for the scrapbook.

Later that night...... Beth woke up to potty about 1am and managed to look over the landing at the tree and gifts. When she went back to bed, she apparently called me, but Yaya went in instead. Yaya told her she had to go to sleep if Santa was coming. Beth responded "But he already came!". It took a while of chatting for them to fall asleep again. Thank you Yaya!

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