Monday, January 19, 2009

Help, there's a kid in my bed!

Almost every night for the last couple weeks, Beth has ended up in our bed. I don't mind once in a while, but seriously, this is getting old. I've been woken up by her dream chatter/yelling. I've been kicked repeatedly in the back. I've endured the coughing and sniffling of the latest cold. I had an elbow in my ear this morning. And, it's a good thing I can sleep on my side on the very edge of the bed, otherwise I wouldn't get space on the bed at all. She claims she's having bad dreams. Sometimes, okay. But this morning, when I got up with Jacob, all the upstairs lights were on, indicating she woke up WAY too early, started playing and realized she shouldn't be up yet.

Ok, as I ramble from not getting a good night sleep, here's my purpose. How the heck do I get her to stay in her bed?! I am sleeping when she comes in our room, and I wake up later to find her there.

**Update- Last night, she stayed in her bed all night! After story, I talked to her about staying in there. If she has a bad dream and wakes up, she should think "It was just a dream. I'm safe. Mommy and Daddy are downstairs and won't let anything happen to me." I guess our chat worked, at least for now.


jamielblev said...

You bribe her. We made a reward chart and every time Shelby stayed in HER bed she earned a star. Once the chart was filled up, she earned a toy. We did it weekly for about a month. Worked great for us!

Laura said...