Thursday, January 1, 2009

High flyin!

On Christmas Eve day, while the kiddos (and Yaya) napped, Popi and Kevin put together the new trampoline (from us, not Santa). They worked hard and had some sore muscles, but it was worth it. No, they didn't read the instructions. They didn't discover the easy way to put the springs on until they were almost finished. Serves them right!

Of course, once it was put together, Kevin and I had to try it out!

Once all the gifts were opened, the trash picked up, we headed outside. Beth's reaction was priceless! A trampoline was the last thing she expected.

Everybody except Yaya took turns bouncing. What fun!

Nearly every day since, we've been outside playing on the trampoline. I'm so glad it's something we can all enjoy.

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