Friday, January 16, 2009

I love you

OH, this is just the bestest thing ever! It melts my heart every time!
**Pause the music player on the side first**

Here are a couple of "still" shots of Jacob signing "I love you". He'll stand on the couch and holler "Lu ooo" to Kevin in the kitchen. Most of the time he says and signs it back to Beth, if he's not too busy.

I'm so grateful to Signing Time for helping me teach my kiddos how to communicate easier! Today, I got a "sale" email from them. As soon as Jacob saw the logo, he started saying and signing the theme song from Baby Signing Time. How precious!


Grandma Charlotte said...

He is such a precious little boy. Any sign that lets you know that he loves you is priceless. I see so much of his dad in him.

J said...