Thursday, March 26, 2009

It got here!

Remember me mentioning I'd won a contest? I got a $40 gift certificate from Studio M for her handpainted Sknobs or a canvas.
After chatting with Misti, we decided on a canvas for Beth's room. I emailed Misti the link for Beth's new bedding (a birthday gift, coming soon) as well as a picture of some pics I'd bought for the wall.

Then, I left the rest in Misti's artistic mind. She emailed me that it was on it's way. She blogged about it. Beth saw the post, recognized her name. She'd heard me tell Kevin that I'd won something for her. I got the biggest hug and lots of great thank yous when she saw the painting. We couldn't wait for it to arrive! UPS dropped it (and my new cel phone) off yesterday as I was cleaning up dinner. Woohoo!

Aren't you just dying to see it?! Here it is!

And here it is with the other pictures it will be hanging by. Isn't it just perfect!
We'll be painting Beth's room with light pink on the top half, dark pink on the bottom half and a green loopy ribbon all around the middle. These are just perfect!
Misti was so easy to work with and is super talented. I plan to order a painting for Jacob's room, when we get around to decorating his (probably when he's in a big boy bed).
Thanks so much, Misti!!!!!!


Misti of Studio M Designs said...

Hey, they look pretty good together! I was trying to pull in all of the colors while making the artwork that you purchased coordinate as well. The yellow turned out to be the perfect background color to pull it all together. Hope you guys like them! Give Beth a big birthday hug for me! Have a great week,

Casey said...

They look great! What a neat idea!

J said...

That is awesome! Lucky girl!!!