Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Round 2

We decided a few years ago to have "Christmas" with Yaya and Popi separate from the other gifts, so the kids wouldn't be too overwhelmed. It was a smart decision! This year, the kids opened gifts from Popi and Yaya on Christmas Eve morning. We also let them open their gifts from Aunt Diann and Uncle Buddy and Nanny (Yaya and Popi brought these up). What fun! Presents from Aunt Casey and Unlce Jordan had to wait until Christmas morning because they were buried somewhere under the tree.

Jacob loved his new "MO!!!!!!" (Elmo) dvds from Aunt Diann and Uncle Buddy

Beth thought her new tutu from Aunt Diann and Uncle Buddy was divine (and totally Beth, too)

Yaya and Popi got Jacob his very own boy baby doll. His name is "Dude", and he got lots of hugs. Once in a while, Jacob will show me Dude's eyes, ears, shoes, and mouth.

We made sure Beth slowed down long enough to read on the tag who it was from, so she could thank them after she opened it.
The piggy bank from Popi and Yaya was a hit too!

Beth wanted to put on her jommies from Nanny immediately- they had a tutu to wear over the pants. Fabulous! Thank you Yaya and Popi for all the fun gifts for the kiddos. They're enjoying them!

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