Thursday, January 1, 2009

Round 3- Christmas morning

I woke up early, not feeling well and anticipating Beth getting up. True to form, she work up before 7. Once everything was ready to go, I woke up Jacob and Kevin, and downstairs we all went. Beth finally got to touch all the things she'd seen the night before- her scooter, kitty and easy bake. Once Jacob got out of the morning fog, he found "MO!" and his new car "vroom vroom".

Santa left lots of goodies in stockings too. Jacob was so excited about his new pacis, he tried to suck them through the package. Kevin kindly opened the package for him. Jacob, of course, was too busy to be still. He had juice and a paci, so he checked out Beth's cat- he wasn't too sure about it.
Popi got pink underwear. Yaya got some wine stoppers.

More and more and more presents to open!

Elmo needed juice. Then we were done. Whew! That was a lot of flying tissue and wrapping paper, stopping for diaper changes, snacks, phone call with Aunt Casey....
Merry Christmas to all!

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yaya said...

Christmas morning all wrapped up in your beutiful journaling, and sweet pictures. Thanks for the memories.
"It's what you offer Him, and it's really great." I love the picture of Beth being so attentive while you read the story.
Thank you honey. Happy New Year.
Love mom