Friday, December 19, 2008

15 months

December 2007- 3 months December 2008- 15 months

Jacob is 15 months old. My, it has gone by fast! At his doctor visit today, the pediatrician was very pleased with his weight gain, especially since it was such a struggle in the beginning thanks to the reflux. He weighed 23 pounds 12 ounces (50th percentile). He's 31 1/4 inches long (80th percentile). At first, he was very upset when I sat him down to be weighed and didn't like the doctor peeking and poking. Once she was finished, he talked to her and shared his goldfish. She was quite amazed at his chatting and signing- most babies this age have about 5 words (Jacob has 80 that I've counted). I didn't like that she said we should start getting rid of the paci. Nope, not ready for that. I'll work on it when he's closer to 2. When she walked out, he asked where she went. So sweet. Poor thing had to get 3 shots, and boy was he mad about that.

My precious Jacob, here are 15 things I love about you
1. How you are interested in books now, backing up into someone's lap once you've picked a book.

2. How you adore Beth, that she's the first thing you ask for when you wake up from naps, that she's who you talk about in pictures.

3 How proud you are of yourself when you climb onto the furniture or up the stairs.

4. I love that contagious smile. The way you cheesy-grin at us, the smile you have for strangers who can't help but smile back at you.
5. Your love of Elmo "Mo!", signing and saying "pees" for me to turn it on tv, even though you won't stay to watch it.
6. The way a spoon "poon" is just as important for you to have as a paci, that you even have to hold one to go to sleep now.

7. How you freely give hugs and kisses to us
8. That you'll give Daddy a hi-five when you're not quite ready to hug him after waking up
9. How you nod your head so big that you almost lose your balance when we ask if you're hungry.
10. How you dance nearly every time you hear music.
11. That you've learned to use words and signs to get what you want instead of screaming. Ok, so most of the time, anyway.
12. How you get jealous if I'm holding Beth.
13. How you sign touchdown and try to say Cowboys when Daddy watches football.
14. How you love shoes as much as Beth and I.
15. How much you are becoming a person and a part of our family. I love you, sweet boy.


yaya said...

what a wonderful boy he is becoming. just so wish we could be closer to experience it ALL.
What a wonderful mommie you are to recognize all these changes and how sensitive a heart you have. what a wonderful mommie you are.
thanks for sharing the beauty of his growing little life.

yaya said...

AND, we get to have him for a week while the three of you are at Disney World.....oh what fun for you and us. We will have our own Disney World for a whole week.
Thank you for allowing us this adventure with Jacob. Thank you for trusting your sweet little one to our care.