Monday, December 15, 2008

Ho, Ho, Ho!

I love the flexibility in Kevin's job! He stayed home with the kiddos while I got my eye check up and new contacts. Then, off to the mall to see Santa and try to finish shopping. Thanks to the blackberry, he was still able to answer emails and phone calls.

We got there at just the right time- they closed the line for Santa behind us. The line only had 2 families before us. Yes! Jacob just stared at Santa, quietly said "ho, ho, ho" and didn't want to get near Santa without a tight grip on me. Beth was brave to sit on Santa's lap, but she was shy talking to him. She was just flabergasted that she couldn't remember everything on her list. She did manage to tell Santa plenty (scooter, cat toy, leapster) and some things Jacob wants too (balls, cars, Elmo). Santa was so nice and patient as the grumpy photographer snapped a picture and walked away, Santa was released for his lunch break then called back so we could get a picture with Beth's eyes open.

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