Sunday, December 7, 2008

Small town tree lighting

Big night Friday night! The town where Beth takes dance had the Christmas parade and tree lighting. Big stuff, let me tell you! We got there in time to see the parade- the high school band, 3 floats and Santa. Yep, that's it! The first place float wasn't even a float- it was the 4H horses. Whoa baby! Where we were, at the end of the parade, candy throwers were tossing by the handful because they had too much candy left. Beth didn't get much though, thanks to some lovely middle school boys who ran in front of her. Then, it was time for the entertainment. The ONLY entertainment was provided by Beth's dance school, on the sidewalk, watch out for the plants. Regardless, Beth's class was cute as can be. This was the first time "Frosty" danced with them completely in costume. Beth wasn't too sure about it, to say the least. Still, she did good.

Once all the classes danced, it was time for the countdown by the mayor to the tree lighting. It took 3 tries to get all the lights turned on. Hilarious! Beth was very brave and walked up to Santa to say Hi and get a candy cane. Jacob wasn't sure about Santa, but he loved seeing the "neeeeeighhh, neeeeighhh". Our friends- Wade, Gilda and Ariana- came to see Beth dance too.

Jacob just shook his head "no" at Santa's offer for a candy cane. Beth, however, went up to him a couple times- for a total of 3 candy canes.

Our friends, with Jacob and Kevin. The kiddos- Beth didn't want to smile because she was eating her cookie.

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Casey said...

I did see this, i just forgot to comment. Most of the time I look at blogs in the morning (like now) and I am in a hurry to see them all before I have to get in the shower. (3 minutes! Ahh)