Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas card, take 2

Oh my goodness! Not a good idea to try for a Christmas picture when one kid didn't get a nap, the other one didn't get enough nap, there's no helper for keeping them focused, the stupid camera is WAY too slow..... This is only a small sampling of the "no" pictures. I got some darn cute "yes" pictures, though (to be seen AFTER the cards get mailed out)


Katherine said...

Love these - they are almost more fun than the "good" ones!

yaya said...

so fun, so cute, and Beth was so brave. Jacob did have quite a grip on you. He has grown so much since we saw him at Thanksgiving.
So looking forward to the Christmas card and the Christmas fun at your home.

Casey said...

I think the picture with Jacob's hand on Beth's eye is PERFECT! That's what little brothers do!

Marla said...

Cute! We took 168 pics of our kids together for this year's card and ended up using NONE of them, LOL! I feel your pain!

Thanks for dropping by my blog! :)