Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Monkey Fall Boy

Well, that little monkey has gotten himself a little boo-boo.
The scene of the accident:
He climbed on Beth's bed. For whatever reason, the nightstand drawer was open. He fell off, headfirst into the drawer. When I heard him crying, I ran in (Kevin and I were chatting in the office) to find him halfway in the drawer with his legs still on the bed. Beth was standing with her hands over her ears because of the crying.
The aftermath: I was really expecting a couple black eyes, so this isn't too bad.
At least his jommies were appropriate!


Living the LaBlue Life said...

Poor Jacob!! I'm glad he's okay, and doesn't have any black eyes.

yaya said...

well yaya thinks he is too cute any way you look at him. The jommies do fit his character..good thing you have the new camera with continuous shooting capabilities as he is constant monkey motion.
I love the way he drives his fire truck in reverse ...FAST...