Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Little Monkey

Jacob climbed onto the couch in the gameroom today. He was quite proud of himself, to say the least. First, he used Beth's desk chair as a step stool over the arm of the chair. When Mean Mommy moved it away, he whined. He tried so hard, hiking his leg up onto the seat of the couch, pulling, grabbing on with his toes, until he finally got it. Guess what that means for me? Furniture rearrange. Why? This is our gameroom (before we moved in)

See the half walls? Those are on both sides of the gameroom, including where we have a chair and a couch. If you look over those half walls, you see all the way downstairs to the tile floor. I can just see Jacob climbing up and over when I'm not looking.

Now all the couches and chair are angled around the big screen (way too close for my taste. Honestly, they were too close for me before the rearrange). Granted, I'm the only one who actually sits on the furniture to watch tv. Kevin and Beth both lay on this little couch. Beth has enough room still, but I'm not sure Kevin can fit now :)

When you walk into the gameroom, you'll run into a couch if you don't follow the path.

However, that path leads to all the kiddo toys. I LOVE that area for the kids!

So, I rearranged the furniture. I don't really like it. BUT, I can certainly live with it for the safety of my kiddo. The things mommas do for their kiddos!

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Fred said...

That's funny! I can see him doing that.