Monday, December 22, 2008

Round 1

The first round of Christmas was lots of fun. Beth was SOOOOO sad to leave, as in full on drama. We went to the Hales for the weekend. This has made Christmas so much easier, so nobody is traveling Christmas day. Once we'd all arrived- us and the LaBlues (Kevin's sis and fam)- Beth and Gracie (her 5 year old cousin) could hardly stand waiting to open gifts. These are some seiously loved kiddos, let me tell ya.

The first gifts the girls opened were their favorites, the ones they played with until they fell asleep that night and played with first thing in the morning- Beth's Leapster 2 and Gracie's Nintendo DS.

Emily (2 year old cousin) and Jacob were happiest with the first toys they opened but then they checked out each other's treasures.

Maw, Kevin's 89 year old grandmother, was there too. She can't see or hear well anymore, but she just loves having those kiddos around. She told Kevin the story she told me on the phone the other day. I've heard it at least 10 times, but Kevin swears he hasn't (really, he just wasn't listening all the other times). But, ya know, being 89, you can tell a story as many times as you want.

After the kiddos had opened gifts and said thank yous, Maw, Grandma and Grandpa got to open theirs. They got plenty of treasures too! And had lots of helpers (of course Jacob caused more trouble than help).
Finally, all the presents opened and trash cleaned up. Whew! It was time to chow down on tooooooo much food- chili, gumbo, boiled shrimp, chips and dips, and of course lots of sweets. While we waited for the kiddos' pizza to arrive, Jacob and Emily followed each other around with their new suitcases.
The kiddos all got matching Disney Christmas jommies with their names on it. Of course, we dressed them for the picture. You know, little/no naps, eating patterns off, nearing bed time, the photo shoot wasn't great. Still, they're darn cute!
Carolers came by the house. Emily danced her heart out, and the girls thought is was great. So great, that they even caroled at a door!

A long night of a terrible Cowboy game, girls who couldn't hardly settle down to sleep in the tent, Jacob who was out of his element and normal routine, a COLD front that blew through, an early Sunday morning, lots of whining.... It was time to go home. They were both asleep after about 15 minutes of driving. I fell asleep shortly after.


yaya said...

my grandchildren are absolutely beautiful in their excitement, in their fun, in caroling and in their napping. What beauty to behold. Thank you Kevin and Laura for such blessings in our life.

Grandma Charlotte said...

Thanks so much for sharing pictures of our fun day. All of the kids (big and little) seemed to have so much fun!!! I'm so glad that even though the little ones do not get together very often, they share an obvious love among them.