Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cold rain go away

I want spring back to stay!
Recently we had GORGEOUS spring weather. Then, it turned nasty, rainy, dreary and cold. Late today, the sun was finally peeking out. Hooray! There's hope!
Here's some of our outside fun when it was warm (though super windy). The kids are both getting braver on the trampoline. We all really have a good time with it. Kevin, mostly terrorizing the kids by jumping super high, double bouncing, scaring them from under the trampoline (OMG, that was hilarious!)

Looking at the moon (which Jacob is fascinated by- in every book we read)
Time to go in (and to prove I was there too)


Casey said...

What a drama queen! (You and Beth) :)

Jordan and I went walking around town because it was finally in the high 40s! :) I'll take shorts and short sleeves any day!

yaya said...

what a fun family time. The moon is fascinating..hopefully we can all enjoy the moon when we visit in a few weeks.

J said...

These photos are so adorable :) I love the one of Beth with Jacob behind her holding on to her waist.