Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Valentine's Day fun

Ok, so here it is, almost a month later, and I'm finally getting around to posting. Life with 2 kiddos is busy!

Our Valentine's Day was jam-packed with fun! First thing in the morning, we exchanged gifts. Kevin got a book he'd asked for. I know, nuts, right. If you know Kevin, you know reading isn't his first choice. So, if he asks for a book, by golly, I'll oblige. Kevin got me the Bath and Body lotions and stuff I asked for. Beth got her Fancy Nancy dress and M&Ms. Jacob got an Elmo movie and an Elmo book.

However, his bag of M&Ms was the biggest hit. He immediately said "nMs! Pees!".

Later, Beth's dance group performed at an independent living facility. Jacob danced and clapped to the other performances. He's so funny!

Beth and her friends (Payton in this picture) patiently waited their turns- they're almost always last. They performed in a small rotunda, so the picture and video taking were very limited. However, I'll show ya what we got!

A couple girls had stage fright and didn't perform. A couple girls didn't make it at all.

**video coming as soon as I can edit to to fit bloggers limit. What program do I use?**

We have never been ones to go out for dinner on Valentine's day- it's just so busy. With kids, we certainly weren't going somewhere with a long wait. So, we ordered in. I'm so sad I forgot to take a picture of it. We ordered pizza from Papa John's in the shape of a heart. Beth loved that! Jacob didn't care, since he just wanted to eat it. Then, despite a cold front having come in, we went to Marble Slab for ice cream. We came home and watched a movie with Beth (Jacob went to bed early). What a perfect family date!

There's no better way to spend Valentine's day than with the people you love. Hope yours was a good one too!


yaya said...

what a sweet time....full of sweet love. thanks for sharing. i guess we will have to bring m's for both when we come. (ooppss for three when we come)..kevin will get gum.

Casey said...

I did not stage the picture! Reagan didn't even care. I heard him playing with something that sounded way too fun to be a toy, so I went in the bathroom. I saw him, left to get my camera, and he was still there! Little turd.

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