Thursday, March 5, 2009


In about 30 minutes, Jacob managed to find mischief twice! This is one busy boy! It's a wonder I haven't lost more weight keeping up with him.
So much for the new box of tissues! And, he smells like Yaya with that lotion.
He's quite proud of himself that he can turn on the water. Now, a couple weeks later, he will (usually) turn it off when told.
So, if you ever wonder why we're running late for something, it's probably because I was trying to get ready but kept having to run interference. You see, he also likes to play in the closet and get into the drawers in the bathroom. Or, if I am always fussing at him or am very distracted while we're on the phone, this is why.

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Casey said...

Reminds me of this pic of Beth, just on steroids. Good luck with that :)