Thursday, March 19, 2009

Meeting baby Connor

My precious friend, Erica, and her family just welcomed Connor into their lives last month. I remember the early days of being a mom of 2 kids, needing to be at home to recover but needing the big one entertained. I volunteered to come over so the kids could play and we could visit, all while admiring the sweet new baby.
Beth was in love and didn't want her turn holding Connor to end. Jacob was curious but got over it fast. Poor Megan really wanted to play, not ooh and ahh over the baby. However, when it was time to change Connor's diaper and clothes, all the kids were curious.
The kids did get some play time. Never enough, for kids. But it wore me out, keeping Jacob from eating Barbie shoes and driving the mini-four-wheeler into the wall.
The kids did manage to enjoy snack time. Jacob and Megan shared goldfish. Then, Jeremy (Megan and Connor's dad, who was still at home helping), introduced my kids to oreos, or "Grandpa cookies" as Megan calls them, and milk. Thanks, Jeremy. Jacob was a mess. Beth declared it her favorite.
I did get a turn to hold that sweet baby. It was a good feeling, holding him, having no desire to have another baby. My family is perfectly complete with Beth and Jacob. I don't miss those early days of no sleep and constant neediness, all while recovering from birth and taking care of another kid too. I'm enjoying the more and more independence my kids gain every week. Connor was so precious, sleeping in the swing until Jacob "helped" swing it too hard. Connor only fussed when he was being changed. Such a good baby. Then again, if Jacob had been that good, maybe we'd consider another one. Um, nope! What am I thinking! I'm good. Seriously. I look forward to watching Erica on her journey to becoming that mom of two, handling it with the humor she does. Love ya girl!

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J.E.M. said...

Thank you! We enjoyed the visit. And sorry about the Oreos... :)