Thursday, March 5, 2009

A most embarrassing tag/award

Ages ago, I was tagged with the bag tag by my sister. Of course, on the day I finally get to blog this, it's pathetic. Yup, I'm a mom. However, I did get out a few times sans kiddos, and carried my go-to plain brown purse, with considerably less stuff than the diaper bag. If only my sister would send me a cute purse like she found...

Here are the rules:
1. Post a picture of the bag/purse/handbag/pocketbook {whatever you call it!} that you are carrying! Now, don't you even think about going back there to your closet and getting that cute little clutch that you carried before you had children or the last time you went out ;-) I want to see the purse that you carried today!

2. Tell us how much it cost! Oh my, I know what you are thinking - a Southern Belle neva discusses matters of money, darlin'. Well, yes, but today we are gonna break that rule and tell! Yes, tell how much it cost. We won't judge! This is for entertainment purposes only! And if there is a story that goes along with this purse, tell it!!

3. Tag some other girls. It will be fun to see what everybody else posts :-)

So here is my bag...

A fabulous, black diaper bag from Target for about $20 with lots of pockets and lots of space. Ok, so I guess I should be thrilled to say I can go 5 miles down the road to Target multiple times a week. Take that, Casey!

The exciting contents?

Diapers, wipes, toddler spoons, kid-snacks, small toys for entertaining the cranky kid, the drug bag (tylenol, benedryl, mylicon, reflux meds, booger sucker, desitin), the mom bag, my wallet and checkbook (with pics so old I haven't even put kid #2 in there), pens, carmex, a lonely mint, my planner, keys, cel. I also thrown in more snacks, pacis, and a sippee cup at outing time. See what life turns into once you have kids.
The mom bag- kleenex, sanitizer, tide pen, gum, mini nail files, sunscreen in 30 and 50spf, baby lotion (that I use more for me than the kids), mini first aid kit with Scooby Doo baindaids and neosporin
The people I tag for this (if they ever read my blog) cuz I wanna see what kind of purses they have :)

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Casey said...

I'll take a bag from Venice over a Target bag with a booger sucker any day. :) Glad your back to blogging!