Thursday, March 5, 2009

There's no place like home

And by "home", I mean where Mom and Dad are. I am Southern, after all. Kevin had a longer than usual business trip, so we tagged along. While my folks went to work, they kindly left me a car to piddle around town. Then, in the evenings, we got to spend some time together. As they were anxiously preparing for getting back into their house (post-Ike), we hung out there a little too. It wasn't enough time with them, but it was still nice. ** Side note- as of this post, a good two weeks after that visit, they are now back in the house for good. Hooray!**

Jacob is quite entertaining- both to himself and us

Time at the house- Dad/Popi and I lined kitchen shelves. Beth cut "bugs" out of scraps. Jacob helped and kept Yaya busy.

Popi caught a mosquito hawk bug. Beth just looked. Jacob tried to pull its wings off.

All that playing and hard work deserves a juice break
Fun time with Popi- weird boy tricks and fun block towers (that Jacob liked to knock down, making Beth mad)


Casey said...

What is on Dad's face?

Laura said...

I know!

yaya said...

we always have so much fun...
the kids are just play play, that's what it's all about.