Thursday, March 5, 2009

Treasured Time

On our recent quick visit "back home", the kiddos and I went to hang out with Nanny, my 89 year old grandmother, for a little while. Nanny stayed home from the senior center that day, where she was crowned queen at Valentine's Day, to spend time with us. My dad said we must be pretty special for her to do that. I think so too.
Jacob found the tupperware cabinet and Nanny quite entertaining. He and Beth took turns (though not always nicely) mopping the floor. They found things to play with. Nanny had one toy that had to be put up so Jacob's fingers wouldn't get pinched. Jacob also found the can of sand Nanny had by the door in case of ice (she lives upstairs, and the stairs are outside). Well, he made a nice mess of that. I got to vacuum that up. While I was at it, I helped Nanny by vacuuming the living room, since it's something she can't do anymore. I hate that I couldn't be more help, but I think the kids would have caused more trouble!
Nanny offered to cook lunch for us. That's something you just don't turn down! Nanny is a great cook. I've eaten delicious things at her house that I would never eat anywhere else- sauerkraut, eggplant and who knows what else. It was a little odd seeing her use a magnifying glass to read the recipe, but heck, she's 89! Now, it's always a full meal with Nanny, too. So, she fixed us some chicken and rice, broccoli, green beans and real banana pudding. She even remembered that Beth needed ranch. Beth ate it up! Jacob, well, he's a toddler.
After lunch, I cleaned up the kitchen while Beth and Nanny played Go Fish. A while back, Nanny taught Beth how to play Go Fish for the first time. One of my favorite memories of childhood is going to Nanny's house and playing cards- Go Fish, Concentration, Crazy 8s, then eventually Spite and Malice and Spades.
I hated that we had to go soon after cards, but Jacob desperately needed a nap. I was tired of following him around saying "no". I didn't really get to visit much with Nanny, but she enjoyed the kids. I look forward to my next visit in June, when, hopefully, I'll get more time. She's considering some more chemo, as her doctor suggested, to prolong her quality of life a bit longer. I hope she does.

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yaya said...

what a joy and blessing that the kiddos get to know and play with their nanny.