Monday, March 16, 2009

Guess who's sick?- updated

** Update 3/16- after a trip to the pediatrician, we find that Jacob has an ear infection and an eye infection. Poor guy! He still managed to be quite charming to the nurses and doctor and everyone at Target when we went to get his medicine. Hopefully, we'll start to see him feel better in a couple days.**

Isn't that the most pathetic, saddest little thing you've ever seen. His nose and eyes are constantly ooey goopey. Still, he's managing to have some fun. I know- he's wearing Christmas jommie shirt and no pants. He's sick, he has the right to it, even at 4:30 in the afternoon!


Casey said...

Such a sad little sick face!

Grandma Charlotte said...

I hope he's feeling better. When he left on Friday, he already had the "feel bad" look and runny nose.

Fred said...

Poor kid. I know he will be back to his old self soon. Trampoline pics looked like fun (for everyone).

yaya said...

what a fun sweet mommie he has to let him play in his Christmas jommies....wish i was there to help.

Misti of Studio M Designs said...

Hey lady~ I have a gift certificate waiting with YOUR name on it! I see your little man has been keeping you busy... Hope he feels all better very soon.

Email me- you won the Studio M Designs $40 gift certificate toward Sknobs or a painting!

Chat soon,

Living the LaBlue Life said...

I hope Jacob is feeling better. Poor little guy.