Friday, March 27, 2009

Going on a hunt

We spent some more time outside. Since we've all been sick, cooped up in the house, we really needed out. We started playing outside. Disclaimer- Beth fixed her own hair and wouldn't let me help.
Get off my slide!

Ok, we can play together

Then, we decided to go on a hunt, to see what we could find in the yard.
Who knew bugs could be so interesting?

Where else can we look?

I love my zoom lens!

Jacob found bugs on the tree too. He only wanted to look at bugs.

Then, we took a walk in the neighborhood to see what else we could find.
We found: leaves, bugs, a feather, flowers, a marble, rocks, priceless memories
**This is a pre-scheduled post to be posted during my no computer time**


Casey said...

Suuuurree it is. I bet you snuck on the computer. :) I still need a picture of Beth is her outfits from her favorite aunt.

J said...

I love the pic of them holding hands.